Edible Sensory Play Base

Posted by Vanessa Sandral on

Why not give sensory play a go, are you a bit worried about your little one putting the sensory base in their mouth and it not being safe. 

Why not try a edible sensory base then you can set back relax a little more knowing that it is safe for their little mouths and let them explore it many ways, with smell, textures and using their imagination. 

You can do a dry base or even a wet base to make more textures.

For example, we did dried wheat bixs and the chocolate XO cereal we crushed it down and made it into dirt which smelt amazing and had heaps of different textures. We used in a couple of different plays, such as our farm play, and vehicle play. 

A couple of other example are Maltese's as dirt balls or even pretend poop hehe. (this one would be for a bigger child as it can be a choking hazard).

You can make mud with chocolate or coco powder.

Flour alone is a great sensory base not sure they will like the taste but its safe to for mouths then, they could use it as sand of even to trace the alphabet or numbers into.

Dried pasta is another great one and can be used in many ways, you can add scoops and cup to it, a string and make it a lacing activity or even colour it for a colour sorting activity and also doing it cooked for a different texture and for your smaller little ones.

Another really fun you could try is brown sugar and they can then form different shapes with as it sticks together.

Jelly is a great one for 6 months and onwards to explore in you can set some of their toys in the jelly to try and pull them out, then it can be all squishy for them. 

Their is so many ways you can explore and so many different food items that you can use to make different things, why not give it again.

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