Black & White Contrast Baby Play

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Black & White Contrast Baby Play
Something that you can start from the day your little ones are home.
It can be done in so many ways flash cards, books & homemade products. Why is it important ?? How does it help with your babies development. I will answer these question as best I can and what we used.
For me to learn I had to research and play around with Dustin when he was born. 
A fun fact is that babies only see black and white till about 3 months of age, as their eyes begin develop and adjust to their new lives.
The visuals of the contrast images and patterns help to encourage your babies to explore and play. Gets them to learn different patterns and textures. It gives them  a sensory experience. The black and white patterns help babies to develop their ability to focus and concentrate, it also helps with the development of their optical nerves in their eyes and for their brain to coordinate and function properly. Its a great way to stimulate your baby during their tummy time and maybe help it last that little bit longer. It can help calm and sooth your babies. It is a activity that will not over stimulate them and it can be used as they grow. 
For Michael he hated tummy and wouldn't last long at all, with Dustin I new something had to change and I was lucky enough to win a Book Wooky which I now stock and then it grow from there.
We played using our Booky Wooky books which we would also read and create stories with the images. We also used black and white ribbons, white stryrofoam balls with black stickers to create patterns and also used one of burp cloths made by Bella FemmeNess Country Chic. 
Dustin was very calm, he was much better at tummy time. He would reach and play with hanging patterned balls. For us this was a great way to induce playing and learn in early years.



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